A Collection of Islamic Writings


By M. Wahid Supriyadi
Consul General, Republic of Indonesia (former)
Melbourne, Australia.

Islam is often viewed negatively, and particularly since the WTC attack of 11 September 2001 it has been regarded by many as a violent religion which produces extremists and terrorists. Indonesia, as the home of the world’s largest Muslim population, is thus often considered to be a safe heaven for terrorists.

The truth is that Indonesia has been deeply scarred by the terrorist acts committed on its soil, and that the majority of those killed in these these attack have been Muslim. Further more, Indonesia is one of the very few countries in the world to have successfully arrested the perpetrators of terrorist acts and jailed some 300 terrorists through open and transparent legal processes.

This booklet by Dr. Amin Samad, an Indonesian specialist in the Quran and Hadith residing in Australia, is good reading for those who want to learn about Islam, particularly for those from non-Muslim backgrounds. Contrary to what many people think, Islam is a religion of peace which preaches tolerance, not only towards one’s fellow believers but also towards followers of different religions. A great many Quranic verses and hadith (accounts of the Prophet’s deeds) address how to maintain good neighbourhood relations, even if our neighbours are non-Muslims. It is true that a small, misguided minority may read some verses of the Holy Book out of context, and become narrow minded and extreme in their stands on Islam. But extremists emerge in all religions and societies and should not overshadow the majority. Dr. Samad skillfully uses easily-understood language to explain the highly poetic Quranic verses which many may find difficult to comprehend.

After reading this booklet, I heartly recommend it to those who really want to understand what Islam is. Dr. Samad is a well respected Islamic schoolar among Indonesians in Australia, particularly in Melbourne, and is truly adept at bridging the misunderstandings which sometimes occur between our two communities.

May Allah give him strength for all his efforts.

Melbourne, January 2006


Richard Rohr at the beginning of his book Contemplative Prayer has a quote from Shams-ud-din Mohammed Hafiz:

Pulling out the chair
Beneath your mind
And watching you fall upon God -
There is nothing else for Hafiz to do
That is any fun in this world!

Hafiz reminds me of the scene in C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, where Aslan romps with the girls. He captures the exhilaration and the vulnerability, for should Aslan fail, or break faith, the girls would be grievously injured or destroyed.

There is this danger when Muslims and Christians speak to each other as believers, for we are in the hands of God over whom we have no right of control or influence. Our only safety is in God and God is not tame, nor to be tamed. God loves us with a fierce love and only the foolish feel no fear.

I am deeply privileged to be asked to contribute a foreword. I value Anton’s friendship and I honour the courage inherent in this endeavour. There is a sad history of violence and culpable misunderstanding between Muslim and Christian, still if we are not to be the victims of history we must learn to speak to each other in truth and with love. Else how can we stand before God at the last day.

Reverend Keith Lanyon


The main objective of this book is to present Islam in an
objective possible way and to give further understanding
of it to Muslims as well as non-Muslims.
Islam is a new and fast growing world religion
embraced by about one-fifth of the world’s population.
Therefore, there is no intention to publish this book as a means of religious propagation.

Ghazella Publishing House

Anton Alimin

Amin Rais.......

"Anda tidak bisa mengaku mengerti suatu budaya kalau Anda tidak pernah menjadi bagian dari budaya tsb."


Pelopor pertama dalam gerakan emansipasi perempuan di Indonesia. Kartini korban dari budaya yang mengungkungnya dan ia mencoba untuk berbuat sesuatu untuk kaumnya tetapi 'dinding budaya terlalu tebal dan kuat' terutama dalam hal perkawinan!'

Che - Gandhi

The two revolutionary try to change our society to a better society....

Dua tokoh revolusi mencoba menciptakan masyarakat yang lebih baik.....................


Che ingin mengubah dunia di mana kita hidup menjadi tempat yang lebih baik.Apa yang diucapkannya, sama dengan apa yang dilakukannya karena memang keluar dari hati-nurani yang bersih. Tiga hal ( hati, ucapan dan tindakan) yang selalu 'berjalan' bersama! Suatu hal yang sulit dilakukan oleh manusia.

Begitu Pekanya.........

" Betapa berat dan sukarnya perjuangan menuju kebenaran. Betapa gigihnya dekaden-dekaden ilmiah bertahan. Dan betapa kita harus memeranginya. Kita dalam bertindak dengan benar memakai segi rasio dan intuisi sedang mereka hanya membakar perasaan lalu pergi begitu saja. BetapaBatubara anti kepada orang Tionghoa. Dan kaumnya belum dapat belajar dari Hitler dan pengalaman sejarah. Sekarang aku dapat memahami bagaimana kambing hitam dalam masyarakat (di Indonesia orang Tionghoa) dapat dengan mudah dapat dikorbankan. Ya, dan kita harus merintis dan berjuang membasmi akar-akar prasangka yang jauh ke dalam alam bawah sadar. Dan rumput-rumput prasangka akan mudah bertumbuh, sedang pohon kebenaran begitu sukar."


Gie sering mensitir filsuf Yunani:

Nasib terbaik adalah tidak dilahirkan,
yang kedua dilahirkan tapi mati muda, dan
yang tersial adalah umur tua. Rasa-rasanya memang
begitu. Bahagialah mereka yang mati muda.